Free Events This Week at Little Closets: Friday is Fabulous!

Hi everyone,

We are so fortunate to have volunteers coming out of the wood work to continue our weekly story time rotation and lead other cool events.  If you have 45 minutes every once in a while to read with the kids or do another activity or event, let me know.

This Week:

Friday, October 23 11am

Special Halloween Story Time

Professional actress and mother, Kristy Glass, will be (in costume!)  reading Halloween tales to prepare the kiddos for upcoming Halloween.    All ages welcome.

Friday, October 23 4:30pm

Jalila Menasseri will continue her wonderful series, which was a wild success last week.


For new born to toddlers and their parents/caregivers. In each 30 minute session, care givers and children will learn interactive songs, rhymes and finger play in French. Exposing children to multiple languages early on has been shown to positively impact language acquisition and expand vocabulary. You do not have to speak French to join the class. This class is taught by Jalila Menasseri, school teacher from France and mom of Gabriel, 11 months old.


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